Performance is everything.

Losing money with application bottlenecks?
Want to improve response time to your customers? Relax. We've got that.
Nazar technology monitors your database to identify all your performance problems.

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"Performance impacta diretamente na receita de um ecommerce. O Nazar ajuda o Eventick a manter suas consultas ao BD sempre rápidas e eficientes. Ao contrário das aplicações web que podem escalar em minutos, o BD precisa estar sempre performático."

Cirdes Henrique, CTO do Eventick


Nazar points out the most time-consuming commands on your database server considering the frequency and total elapsed time of each command. Then You can see exactly what commands have the best performance tuning opportunities.


In some cases, performance issues are directly associated with errors occurrence. Nazar error stats helps not only identify application bugs, but also indicate if the errors are somehow related to performance issues.


The type of the workload, specifically whether it is Online Transactional Processing or Decision Support System, is a key criterion for database tuning. Nazar gives You the information needed to identify what is the database server workload type.

We're on a mission to provide accessible database performance analytics to everyone.

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