Online Postgresql log Analyzer

Specially designed to simplify the complex and time-consuming task of application tuning by easily identifying issues and tuning opportunities on Postgresql based applications.

top queries

Top Queries

Nazar points out the most time-consuming commands on your database server considering the frequency and total elapsed time of each command. This feature shows exactly what commands have the best performance tuning opportunities.

Historical data

Historical data

Historical data allow the comparison of specific daily metrics with the previous stored data, revealing unusual behaviors.

Error Statistics

Errors Statistics

In some cases, performance issues are directly associated with errors occurrence. Nazar features detailed error statistics which helps not only identify application bugs, but also indicate if the errors are somehow related to performance issues.

Daily report

Daily report

Performance is not only a DBA's problem, it's a responsibility of all team members. A daily report is e-mailed to the key team members so that everyone can help find the best solutions.

Ad-hoc Uploads

Ad-hoc Uploads

Nazar also allows uploading Ad-hoc log files, which are log files not specifically related to a server. This feature is specially important to analyze application tests before deploying to the production environment.

Queries by Type

Queries by type

The type of the workload, specifically whether it is Online Transactional Processing or Decision Support System, is a key criterion for database tuning. Nazar's Query by Type feature gives the information needed to identify what is the database server workload type.

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