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Slow Query Monitoring

NAZAR automates the annoying parts of database performance investigation and provides
visibility into which commands in your app are hurting database performance.

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We hired the services of NAZAR aiming to improve the performance of our database. We were pleased with the result, achieving a drastic reduction in load, making it possible to reduce 40% of AWS infrastructure costs.

Reginaldo Stocco
Performance directly impacts the revenue of an e-commerce. NAZAR helps Eventick keeping their queries to the database always fast and efficient. Unlike web applications that can scale in minutes, the database has to be always with a great performance.

Cirdes Henrique
CTO at Eventick
For 2 months, we were facing a problem of high CPU usage peaks. Three thousand coupons were being issued per second. By using NAZAR, in a few hours we could identify the problematic query and were able to finally fix the problem. The tool simply helps us to identify the critical queries that need to be optimized.

Lionardo Nogueira
CTO at Cuponeria
When we started monitoring the database’s server, we could see in the report that 2 queries were responsible for almost 100% of the database’s resources usage. After optimizing those two commands (with some little changes) the CPU usage fell drastically. Now we have a db.t2.small RDS instance with minimal CPU utilization (around 2%), with the same amount of users and paying less than 8% of what we used to pay.

Vinicius Heimbeck
Founder at Upbeat Games

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Are you overwhelmed by metrics in your current application monitoring tools and are you looking for simple answers to questions about why performance is affected by changes to code, infrastructure or configuration?

For every cloud or on-premise. For everyone on your team.

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