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NAZAR was built to help developers, database administrators, sysadmins and project managers to build better products by making easy to identify and fix bad SQL code.

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Easily discover your most time consuming queries

Get straight to solving your apps performance issues. Setting up, tracing and investigating logs and querying data dictionaries every time is not where the race is won. Avoid the risk and complexity, and dedicate your energy to what really matters: building great performing apps.

Slow queries distribution throughout the day

Checkout which slow commands your app is sending to the database throughout the day.

Attention required

Is the group of servers that requires a look due to the spiked performance degradation by the day or week metrics. There are 3 different levels. Yellow, Orange and Red. The metrics evaluated are the number of executions and total time spent in those executions. The current day values are compared against the the average of the last 7 days.

Normalized view

Need to monitor different databases in mutiple environments?

Using distinct tools and different apps to monitor a couple of databases is ok, but things get complicated if you have a few more.

Get a normalized view of your databases in a single dashboard and focus only in maximizing performance and availability of your applications.

Top offensive queries by 3
different views

is everything

We help teams to write better SQL code


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