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Our services

Nazar performance support and professional services are built in order to help our customers in all technical things related to their databases.

Wheter you have a simple deployment with basic needs or a critical application with custom high availability requirements, we are here to help. Our team has an enormous amount of experience in database sharding, monitoring and tunning.

Either in cloud or on-premises environments we've been using our own technology to help our customers to run their apps faster, better and cheaper. In average, customers have saved more than 40% in infrastructure costs.


Continuous monitoring, allows the identification of the fastest and most efficient solutions

Performance Monitoring by an expert to identify performance issues on the database server

Increase the availability and performance and scalability of database servers

Reduced operating costs by reducing investments in software, hardware and human labor

Add know-how to the day-to-day technology teams


Start monitoring the cause, not the consequences

The secret to anticipate that daily performance problems will scale and become critical issues is to observe them continuously and to monitor the cause, not the consequences.

Learn how Meus Pedidos was able to identify the offensive queries responsible for their performance issues.

The value of monitoring what really matters

Learn how our customer Upbeat Games reduced by 90% its infrastructure usage and costs in just one day.

Only 2 queries were responsible for almost 100% of the database’s resources usage.

40% AWS infrastructure cost reduction

Questions like “What’s causing frequent CPU peaks?” and “How can I improve performance without resizing my database to a larger instance?” come to us very often.

Check how VHSYS identified what was causing a high usage of its infrastructure and solved it.